Saturday, March 6, 2010

A trip downtown

Early morning trip into Auckland City this morning to drop off a friend for a trip up north.  The sun was still on its way up when we arrived on Quay Street and we enjoyed a pretty special sunrise looking down towards the container terminal.  50mm lens, ISO 200 but then a bit of work in Photomatix Pro (the foreground was seriously under exposed in contrast to the sky), and Lightroom.  I was glad the cyclist was there, otherwise the image may have been a tad lacking.  What do you think?

A quick glance up Queen street at about 7.20am looking for the bus presented the next view you can see to the left.  Again 50mm lens, ISO 800, f8 1/50 second with a bit of a twiddle in Photmatix Pro.  I think you can just notice the reflections of the sunrise in the tower blocks to the right.

After the bus left we headed down towards the heliport just beyond the container terminal.  The sun was pretty well up by now, but the clouds looked special so I opted for a wide angle lens (18mm) and a tripod for the next 7 shot HDR image looking towards St. Heliers.

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  1. Beautiful sunrises here in New Zealand at the moment, and this one captures it well. I like the way you've brought the road to life too. SS