Sunday, March 7, 2010

Trains ... and HDR?

In an attempt to get some images for my 505050 project I decided to head out to a local substation.  I'm quite intrigued with the angles and shapes the wires and structures make and certain lighting conditions offer some interesting possibilities.  On the way we cross the railway, and as luck would have it, a train was coming through.
Some shots seem to lend themselves to HDR, but is this one of them?  Some family members just don't like HDR at all, whereas I think that in some cases the image seems a more accurate representation of what I can recall "seeing" when I pressed the shutter release.

So, for this post I'll show you a couple of images of the local commuter train.  The first image is straight from the camera (well, OK, I converted it from RAW to JPEG, but that's all).  The camera has its colours set to Natural by the way, so colour saturation may be a little low.

The second image has been processed in Photomatix Pro and then twiddled with a little in Lightroom.

Which do you prefer?  Is one "better" than the other, or are they just different?  I'd be interested to know what you think.

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