Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Painting with light.

Nights are drawing in and I'm back on taxi duties collecting a daughter from gymnastics.  I usually take number one son along with me for the journey and we often see things of interest.  Sometimes we even take a photo or two!  Tonight we decided we'd try some night time shots from in the car.  Still with the 50mm lens attached we tried shots at 3200 ISO with the lens wide open to get a reasonable shutter speed.  These images came out better than expected to say the car was in motion and have quite a nice atmosphere to them.

This wasn't however the abstract type effect we were after.  Changing the ISO to 200, knocking the aperture up to f8 to get a longer shutter speed then allowed some strange effects from the movement of the car.  Some of these effects were really quite unexpected!

Just a bit of fun ... painting with light :-)


  1. Oh yes, very good. Not quite Klee :-), but we're on our way.

    Somewhat musical looking. Definitely fun.

  2. Definitely fun. Surprising how uneven the motorway surface is to cause the movements you see in the images, and as you say, some of them seem rather musical!