Sunday, March 21, 2010

Still 50!

Toitoi down by the Telstra Clear Pacific Centre on Great South Road.  That's the first image in this post.

Today's weather was great.  Quite warm, a bit of a breeze so it didn't feel too hot, a bit of cloud so the light was a little diffused and the shadows weren't too harsh.  Great day for taking photographs.

As you may be aware, I'm posting one shot per day for 50 days as part of a 50mm lens project.  Checkout the plan.  One result of this activity is that the 50mm lens pretty well lives on the camera body now.  Another result is that I'm becoming increasingly fond on this lens.  The results from this lens can be quite lovely.  Very sharp with good colours too.  The shot of the toitoi is an unmodified 50mm lens shot by the way.

Close to the Telstra Clear building are some larger than life plywood "people".  Not quite sure what to do with these objects as I always seemed to get something unfortunate in the background, I opted to get quite close to one of them, shoot upwards so there was only sky in the background, but try to get a couple more chaps in the shot for depth.  Their heights helped to give an imaginary diagonal line heading into the bottom right hand corner.  Again, this is a 50mm lens shot with which I'm reasonably pleased.  What do you think?  I did try this as an HDR shot, but I think it's better left as it is.  There's a pleasant hdr shot of a Samoan Church taken today on my flickr page you might like to check out.
I keep mentioning the Telstra Clear Centre and suspect you don't know what it looks like!  Below are a couple of shots to give you a bit of an appreciation of it architecture.  A little like an upside down boat perhaps?  I suspect some night time shots of the facility may be interesting, but these may have to wait for another day.

So, I suppose you've guessed now why the post has the title it does?  All shots are uncropped, unmodified and takern with the 50mm lens.

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  1. All very interesting. The plant looks silky and the cut out figures are striking. I think that the composition works pretty well. It's great to have this ongoing view of life in New Zealand.