Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Night-time shots

Each morning as I've been heading off to work I've seen this view down a local street.  There's something about the lights, the T-junction, the trees and bushes that I just like.  I keep wanting to stop and take a shot or two, but I'm always on the last gasp and keen to keep going to avoid the traffic on the southern motorway.  The first shot in this post is the view I'm talking about, but it's shot at  8pm at night.

Turning the other way is the view over the top of the hill.  OK, I've cheated a bit here as I've processed the image in Photomatix Pro.  There's rather more saturation in this image than I saw at the time, but I rather like it even so.  The star effects of the street lights I really like.  Add to this some boy racer heading up the hill that gave me a red streak and the image is interesting.

One other view I quite liked was between the two shots you've just seen.  We have these rather old street lamps that are quite cool, it's just been "bin day" and then there's some nice lights from a neighbours house.  Atmospheric?  Let me know what you think.

All shots taken with a 50mm lens.


  1. I like these! The lights making stars from the small aperture are awesome (at least, I think they are small aperture)

  2. Thanks Steven, I rather like the star effect from the lights too. Aperture was about f11 if memory serves me.

  3. Yes, I particularly like the star effect and lines of image #2. An interesting insight into your local streets. Good atmosphere overall. I see that the bins seem to have a universal shape these days. They are just the same here. We can choose various sizes.