Friday, November 30, 2012

Wenderholm for a change

A somewhat gloomy Wenderholm beach
Arriving at Wenderholm we had high hopes of a lovely warm sunny day at the beach.  As you can see from the first shot, it was somewhat moody and cloudy.  Lots of lovely textures both in the rocks, the windswept pools of water and, of course, the clouds.  Whilst composing the first image you see in this post I could only think of a monochrome shot.  Perhaps let me know what you think?
As the day progressed it became brighter.

As the day progressed the sun came out a little more and things started to brighten up.  there remained lots of drama in the clouds and, to be honest, the sea was quite a way out, so I thought I'd stick with monochrome for the second image.  I was really taken with the textures and patterns in the sand in the foreground and felt a monochrome treatment would work well with this.  You can just make out my son and daughter paddling in the sea centre right of the image.

Truth be told, as the day progressed it just got better.  Wenderholm is quite a lovely place to visit should you ever get the chance and I managed lunch at one of my favourite lookouts.  We were fortunate to visit during the week when most other folks are busy at work - great time to visit the parks and beaches!!  The last shot in this post was taken from close-by my lunchtime picnic table, and, as you see by the use of colour now, the day didn't turn out too badly at all!

Quite a nice spot for a bit of lunch.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In the compost heap!

Not really what I was expecting to see in the compost heap!
I've been working in the garden of late, trying to get some semblance of order into a somewhat chaotic weed ridden patch we've been calling a garden for quite some time now.  Part of this work has been to uncover a compost heap started a few years ago that is full of very reach loamy soil that I'm using in other parts of the garden.  Imagine my surprise when last night I noticed a cat with three kittens sitting atop my compost heap!  Time for some shots this morning and I suspect more shots will follow as the gardening goes on hold for a while.

I'm not sure who owns the mother, but suspect she may have been abandoned and is now hiding around the back of my compost.  She looks thin, but the kittens look very healthy.  We'll keep an eye on the family and see what happens.  For now I'll leave with you with a couple more snaps of the kittens.