Friday, March 26, 2010

Next door's cat!

I can't say as I'm much of a fan of cats, but have to admit next door's is pretty cute.  I'm not fond of the way they stalk and catch the birds in my garden.  We get quite a few nesting in the garden and then there's the period when the youngsters aren't too good at flying and still being fed by mum and dad.  It's at this time they're pretty vulnerable and next door's cat plummets to the bottom of my favourite animal table.

Cheeky?  Definitely!  Hiding under my trees in a bit of undergrowth waiting for some unsuspecting creature to pass by.  Thankfully the clatter of my shutter encouraged the cat top go home, so my birds can rest easy for another day.

(Image is a crop from one taken with my 50mm lens.  Click on it to get a larger version).

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