Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My 50mm project

It was my intention to have a go at 50 shots on 50 consecutive days with a 50mm lens late last year.  I suppose there was something about the 1st of the month that delayed me starting straight away and it's taken until March to get my act together to start taking the photos and putting them somewhere along with some comments.  Please have a squiz at make some comments on the new blog.  I can imagine I'll need encouragement and inspiration as the days progress!

Today was difficult.  Busy day at work, a number of chores to do with cars, children and isurance and then a photo required.  First idea was to get a shot of a fern (see below) with the part closest to the lens in focus then moving out of focus as you look down the fern.  An attempt to get a bit of depth to the image.  Can't say I was happy with it, but I've attached it so you can have a squiz.
The next image was rather better.  Some South African Daisies were in bloom and an out of focus background showed them off rather well.  Have a look at my 505050 blog for more details.  The images on the 505050 blog are unmodified, so here's one with a bit of a tweek.  Let me know which you prefer

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