Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A bit more HDR :-)

You may have noticed my 505050 project post for today?  The light was quite harsh and contrasty so I took a number of images for the project and selected the one I liked the best.  Not wanting to waste all those images I combined them into a five shot HDR of the red geranium in my back yard.  Have a squiz at the two images and let me know which you prefer.  the HDR image left seems to have softened the harshness of the highlights and shadows and given a more even tone to the flowers.  What do you think?

After playing in the garden with the camera and the geranium it was time to take a chum off to the airport.  The light is quite lovely in the early evening and there's such a lovely warm glow.  Close to Auckland International airport there's a pretty estuary, but sadly nowhere to park to take a shot.  The best I could do was the second image in this post.  A seven shot HDR looking over Pukaki Inlet.  (The hill you can see in the background is, I believe, Mangere Mountain.  Perhaps correct me if I'm mistaken.)

1 comment:

  1. Geranium shot successful. You have done well with the softening.

    I like the view.