Sunday, May 22, 2011


What a treat to see Ria at the Grassroots Mixer in Otara.  Ria has a lovely voice and is a really charming lady.  We were very fortunate to see her at the free concert in Otara on Saturday.  She didn't just sing on stage but came down amongst the crowds and danced with some of the children.  Just like STKS engaged with the crowd, so did Ria.  Great fun and I'm sure the kids loved every minute.

I first saw Ria perform at the Stage of Origin event back in March this year.  I must admit to being very impressed by her vocal talents then, and nothing happened on Saturday to change my view that Ria is one hugely talented young lady.

STOMP 2011 was later in the day and guess who performed whilst the judges were totaling the dance groups scores?  Haha!  You guessed it.  Ria!  This was a real treat for me to again hear Ria's lovely voice.  Oh, and I managed a few more shots as it happens.

I'll close this post with a few more shots of Ria.  The last three are from the STOMP 2011 event.  Quite low light and the ISO was up at 6400, hence the rather noisier images.  Perhaps let me know what you think and maybe check out my Facebook pages for more images?

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  1. Ria u rock ur da mahn u go gurl frm dominic CWC