Saturday, May 14, 2011

Music in Otara

The Niu FM crew at Otara ... keeping everything on track and to time.
It was good ... really good.  Here's a few links to shots of the bands on Facebook ... take a squiz and let me know what you think ...  Devolo, VXN, Rosita Vai and Malcolm Lakatani.  So there I was, in the centre of Otara for a free, open air music concert and the weather was good too!  I had a great time and managed to get a few shots of the performers.  It seems ages since I've been shooting the bands and must admit to having a heap of fun with the folks on stage today. 
Devolo on stage in Otara.
Rosita Vai
Lead guitarist with Rosita Vai.
Dylan Elise playing drums with Malcolm Lakatani.
Malcolm's band with, from left to right, Ross Devereux (sax), Dylan Elise (drums), Malcolm Lakatani (lead guita and vocals), Semi Leo (bass guitar) and Karl Benton (keyboards).  Great musicians and a great perfromance.
Mista Lakatani.
Don't forget to take a squiz at the shots on Facebook (links are at the start of this post) and let me know what you think.  Also, next week, same time and same place (10.30am in Otara's Shopping Centre) there's another performance ... different bands, but it promises to be as good as what went down today.  If you're free you should come down!

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