Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rico Tali and Oceania Storm

It must be just over a year ago that I first met Rico playing with Allegro at the Osborne Street Bar in Newmarket, Auckland.  There he was, switching between saxophone, flute and bongo drums.  Very talented gent, and I must admit to being very impressed with his skills on the sax and flute.  Here's an old shot of Rico on flute you might like.

More recently I saw Rico at the Stage of Origin event.  There he was playing the guitar!  Haha ... saxophone, flute, guitar, drums and, as it happens, vocals also.  Hugely talented gent.

So, when I caught up with Rico down at Manurewa's RSA it wasn't a surprise to see him on the guitar.  Playing with Oceania Storm Rico switched between sax and guitar as well helping out with the vocals.  It was good, but I wasn't impressed with the lights.

Oceania Storm has more members (12) than any of the other groups with which I'd seen Rico perform previously and the music was predominately of the Reggae style.  The folks at the RSA loved it!  Many folks, young and old, were on the dance floor  having a fine time.

I'll close this post with a couple more shots from the evening.  Exposures were at about 1/50sec, aperture f1.8 and ISO up at 6400.  As I said ... the light wasn't the best.

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