Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Hypnotics at the Grassroots Mixer

Jem Jess Matthews at the Otara Grassroots Mixer
Grassroots Mixer again for this post with Anonymouz and the Hypnotics.  These guys were the last band to perform and concluded a superb event.  Congratulations and thanks to all the organisers and participants.

First image in this post is of Jem Jess Matthews.  Of the musicians I've been photographing over the past few years, Jess must be one of my favourite vocalists.  Immensely talented lady with a gorgeous voice.  There's a huge range of music for which Jess's voice just seems to fit.  It's about a year ago when I really got a feel for Jess's vocal abilities when she performed at the Ivory Lounge in Parnell.  You might recall my earlier post?

A bit disappointing was the weather.  It was a bit grey and then we even had a bit of a shower ... neither of which seemed to affect the performances I'm happy to say, but you may notice some raindrops in the other images in this post.  Perhaps it was Wiggidy WayQs short prayer that helped the sun come out later in the day?

The next few images are of familiar band members ... Anonymouz, Deuce and Wiggidy WayQs.



Wiggidy WayQs

Another treat for me was to see Mr Ru on the harmonica.  I first came across James Ru at the AUT Manukau Campus opening.  You may remember this shot?  Quite a few numbers in the Grassroots Mixer set called for the musical talents of James.  Great job James.
Mr. James Ru

Mr. James Ru on harmonica

Mr. James Ru on harmonica

I'll close this post with a couple more images of the other band members.  On keyboards there's Mark Steven, but I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know the names of the other band members.  If you do ... perhaps add their names as a comment?
Mark Steven

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