Thursday, May 5, 2011

A walk to The Gardens

I've been on leave from work for a few days and have been decorating parts of the house that have been looking somewhat depressed for a while.  I've also been looking at photographic opportunities.  I'll keep you posted with "developments".

With photography in mind rather than paint and masking tape, I set off to Auckland's Botanic Gardens.  There's always something good to see at The Gardens, and this evening was no exception.

Many of the plants have finished flowering and are now going to seed as we progress through autumn.  There are exceptions though and the evening light helps accentuate the warm colours of the blooms.  Particularly pretty are the hibiscus.  We've had a bit of rain recently which has damaged a few of the blooms.  The second bloom in this post, however, seems to have escaped damage.
Besides flowers there were fungi and ferns ... as well as weeds!  Haha!  Even in the botanic gardens there's the odd weed.

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