Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A question of flowers.

Only when I got home and started to look at the images did I notice the flowers made a question mark shape.  I really must pay more attention to the shapes the various blooms make as I'm sure I must miss more opportunities than I capture.  Oh well, I obviously need to spend more time looking and observing instead of rushing about.

I can't say I've been feeling the best of late and I thought a bit of fresh air and a gentle walk through the Botanic Gardens would be a good idea.  It was lovely.  We're fast approaching winter and, as such, many of the trees that still have leaves are showing some lovely autumn colours.  I've added a shot of some acer leaves in the second shot in this post to give you the idea.

On the way home I took a closer look at some of the large ferns.  I must admit to being quite taken with their shapes, colours and their spores.  You'll notice a difference in spore colour in the last two shots below. 

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  1. Beautiful..luv the autumn leaves.Excellent presentation,thanks Chris.well done.