Thursday, June 30, 2011

The old mill ...

Helmshore Mill in the UK.  Did I show you these images already?  I really can't remember!  Perhaps it's an age thing or the bump on the head?  Anyway, recently on the Facebook HDR group page one of the gents (Peter Donnan) posted an image of an old mill.  This jogged my memory about the Helmshore Mill I visited last year whilst over in the UK.
To be honest, it was a miserable day!  It was cold and wet and generally a day you'd have rather stayed indoors.  However, the grim weather did nothing but enhance the atmosphere of the place.  The millstone grit glistened with the rain and the cloudy skies helped add a bit of mood to the shots.

Helmshore Textile Museum is definitely a place to visit should you have the time.  It isn't a dry and boring museum, but one in which the guides explain the history and demonstrate the equipment working.

I mentioned it was raining so the shots are all quick single shot grab shots really!  I was using a 12-24mm Nikkor at its widest setting most of the time and really wasn't keen to get it wet.  I must admit to being very impressed with this lens. Processing is courtesy of Photomatix Pro with a little twiddle in Lightroom ... mainly to get the watermark on the shot!

The last shot in this post is of the backs of nearby houses.  I was somewhat amused by what seemed a plethora of wheelie bins of varying colours for all the different types of rubbish the locals generate!

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  1. This is fairly a quick piece you put together quickly. That's thinking. I added Peter Donnan today to the HDR Group on Facebook. He's a personal friend and his work is very good. Thank you.(Brenton)