Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sick ... again!

Autumn leaves at Conifer Grove.
The weather must be getting cooler as I've started with a cough again!  Off to the pharmacy to get some medication before things get worse.  Anyway, as I've been collecting my various pills and potions I couldn't help but be struck by the lovely autumn colours.  First shot in this post is of a Pin Oak.  It was those two green leaves side by side that really caught my eye ... hopefully they stand out for you too in the shot above.
It's not just the leaves that are changing colour though.  Walking past neighbours gardens there's a wide range of plants still in flower that seem to take on a special glow with the early morning or late afternoon autumn sun.  Banksias have always intrigued me.  These plants seem to have an amazingly complex flower that must be a nightmare to negotiate if you're a bee!  I mean, when you look at a hibiscus, it seems pretty obvious where to go to get the nectar, but with these flowers!!  Whoa!  Where do you start?!?!

Besides banskia there's a few protea in flower as well as some hibiscus.  I really must try to get up earlier to get more golden light into my shots ... perhaps after I've taken my pills :-)
Gorgeous protea.  Not a flower as such, just colourful bracts!
Autumn colour in some leaves at Conifer Grove.
OK, a monochrome shot to end with.  I just liked the textures in these "things".

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