Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gorgeous morning ...


Mono treatment of today's 85mm lens project shot.
I mentioned in today's 85mm project shot that I'm finding it rather awkward to use the 85mm lens for anything other than portraits.  This morning's shot of the toitoi seems better with the 24mm lens than it does with the 85mm, and my "rule" not to crop or modify the image is proving to be a real constraint.  I suppose if I had less to do during the day it'd be easier, but I don't seem to have the time to be creative with this gorgeous 85mm lens.

So, what a morning!  Very cold last night and a wonderfully clear morning today.  Bright, fresh and crisp.  The toitoi had a wonderful "glow" to them which I've hopefully captured in the first two shots.

Shot 3 is a tight crop of a bee making for the nectar on some lavender at Auckland's Botanic Gardens.  1/2000 second seems to have just about frozen the action.  Not that easy to shoot bees in flight and, to be honest, this shot is more of a fluke than planned!!
Homing in on breakfast.

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