Sunday, May 6, 2012

Busy, busy, busy, ...

Opening dance sequence at the True South Fashion Show in Mangere

One of the gorgeous dancers at the True South Fashion Show.
Busy?  Well, yes!  Friday night I was down at Mangere to see the True South Fashion Show.  Tasha Lee had her RastaLee Collection on the catwalk and it was superb.  I think everyone was impressed.  Polyfabulous!!

Besides seeing fashion for the larger Polynesian lady, there were musical numbers by Rosita Vai and Bella Kalolo.  These two girls were superb!  I'll post a few shots below for your amusement.

Saturday I was at a video shoot all day.  I'd never been to one of these before and I had a great time.  So many very skillful people making movie magic.  Wonderful.  I met Cherie Mathieson on the set, and then popped out to see her again playing with Contagious at Botany's Cock 'n Bull.  She's lovely.

Today I've been in the garden and trying to sort through the many photos taken over the past few days.  Busy?  You bet!  Having fun? Of course.  Great fun meeting the people, taking the shots and processing them.

There's a few things on this next week too, so please check back regularly to check on progress.
Bella Kalolo 
Rosita Vai.
Cherie Mathieson.

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