Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The season is changing ...

The start of the autumn colours.
Just back from a lovely walk around Auckland's Botanic Gardens.  There's a bit of a nip in the air, and you can see the autumn colours on the trees now.  Makes quite a change from the new spring growth we enjoyed back in the UK only a couple of weeks ago.  First shot in this post has the lovely green leaves of an acer interspersed with the occasional red or orange one.  In a few days I suspect the view will be quite special.  Perhaps I'll pop back with a tripod and a longer lens!
Silver Birch, losing its leaves.
Back home the leaves seem rather morte drab!  Take a look at shot two.  Looking up a silver birch tree the leaves are more of a dirty green or brown when compared to the lovely colours of the acer.

Looking at shot 2 you'll see a fair amount of lichen on the bark of the tree.  I was told that this is a good indication of air quality.  We seem to have heaps of the stuff on our trees, but can't recall seeing much of is at all in England.  Moss was the main thing.  Perhaps the air is cleaner over here after all!

The third shot in this post is of some small white flowers.  There's a but of a debate going on in our household as to what they are.  If you know, perhaps leave me a message.  To see what we presently believe these flowers are, take a squiz here.

Right, back to work.  I can't believe how many forms I've suddenly received that need to be filled in!!
Mystery blooms.  Perhaps leave me a message if you know what they are.

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