Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Back in the UK now and the weather is glorious!  Amazing I know.  Not renown for good weather, Manchester is normally associated with dreary, wet and miserable conditions, but not just now.  The skies are clear and blue.  Yesterday I couldn't find a cloud in the sky.  It's also warm.  Record highs are being broken for this time of the year and we're enjoying temperatures in the low twenties.  Very pleasant indeed.  There's also lots of flowers and blooms springing in to life.  It's really a very pretty time of the year and the weather is just perfect.  The first two shots in this post are of some blooms in my parents' front gardens.  Very pretty.
New leaves ... spring very much on the way here in the UK.
All this lovely weather is causing some problems though.  They're now a little short of water!  The next two shots were taken at Anglezark, a local reservoir.  In this you can see just how low the water has gone and imagine how low it will go if this lovely weather continues.
Anglezarke reservoir.
Anglezarke reservoir.  Geese in the foreground, blue skies, and very low water levels.

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