Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hall Lee Bank Park, Westhoughton.

Hall Lee Bank Park, Westhoughton.
What a glorious morning today here in Westhoughton.  The weather has been quite lovely for the past few days and today was no exception.  The light coming through the trees has a lovely warm look and feel to it and it makes things look really quite special.

I took a wee stroll through Hall Lee Bank Park and was really quite taken with the way the light shone through the new growth.  For the first shot in this post I really wasn't sure what to do.  There are some very dark areas as I was shooting into the sun and some very bright areas on the water.  I decided to take several shots at different exposures and blend them together in Photomatix Pro.  Please click on the image to get an enlarged view and perhaps let me know what you think.

I must say that it was really very lovely to see things springing into life and looking so new, fresh and clean.  For the rest of this post I've added just a few more shots from my stroll through the park to amuse you.  In the one with the hawthorn, perhaps you can let me know what the large brown growth is.  I haven't a clue but I'm sure one of you reading this will know.
I just loved the way these new leaves were illuminated by the sun
A hawthorn tree, but what is that brown growth?!?  It looks like a conker ... but it isn't!
New growth on a sycamore tree.  Gorgeous the way these leaves unfold from the buds. 
Daffodils lit by the morning sun.  A really lovely time of the day.

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