Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Somewhat damp!

Fern clinging to the wall.
It's been pretty wet today here in Auckland.  Grey skies and rather damp to be honest.  Thankfully we haven't suffered anywhere near as much as other areas of the country where they've received a couple of months worth of rain in a day or two and are now mopping up after the floods.  No, we're rather more fortunate and the rain is just an inconvenience really.

So there I am, keen to take some shots, and it's rather wet.  I did notice, however, this little fern, clinging to a small crevice in a wall near the house.  The plant wil have to go as its roots will just remove the concrete and damage my wall, but the contrast between the bricks and the fern were rather pleasing to my eye.

I shot this image at quite a wide aperture and was more than slightly intrigued with the effect on the bricks to the right of the image.  Somewhat strange how the layer of concrete seems to grow whereas the bricks, if anything, seem to shrink.  Very odd!

I'll leave you with a few more shots of the fern.  Perhaps let me know if you prefer the landscape or portrait shot and also monochrome or colour.
Monochrome version of the first shot in this post.
Landscape version of the image, in colour. 
Same as shot #3, but now in monochrome with special emphasis on the fern's green leaves
A cropped version of shot #3.
Cropped version of shot #3, with a monochrome treatment,

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