Monday, March 12, 2012

Grace Ikenasio and her band

The lovely Grace Ikenasio on the Samoan stage, Pasifika 2012.
The Samoan stage at the 2012 Pasifika Festival, Western Springs, Auckland was where I got to see the delightful Grace Ikenasio performing a few numbers with some serious musical talent.  This girl can really sing and what a treat to have her backed by such talent.  Short post this morning, just a few shots for you to enjoy from a wonderful Saturday at Western Springs.

The backing vocalists ... sweet.

Magi Nuualiitia, very talented drummer though!

Grace again.  Gorgeous voice.

The videographer ... cheeky lady ;-)

Chrismas Ropati ... now this guy can play!!  Whoa can he play.

Malcolm Lakatani ... smooth as ever, but this time on keys!

Ross Devereux on sax.  Gorgeous melodies, highly talented gent.  

Izak Etimani on bass.  Lovely sounds from this talented musician.

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  1. Cool my daddy's famous gooo magi nuualiitia