Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pruning the trees!

Thinking about friends back in the UK where it's cold and almost certainly snowing right now, I thought a shot of our back yard where we've been pruning the trees may be amusing.  It's been quite a warm day today with not a snow flake in sight!  The impatiens are in bloom as you can see bottom right of the image and I now have a mountain of twigs and branches to chip/mulch.  Mind you, the larger chunks of wood will keep me warm when winter comes to New Zealand :-)

Sadly the wood isn't the best for burning ... rather soft ... so it doesn't give the greatest amount of heat and tends to make a lot of ash.

Anyway, the chipper is booked, so that's decided what I'll be up to next weekend!  Problem now is finding places in the garden for all the mulch!

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  1. Just the right time for pruning, before winter sets in. In most cases, it's not good to prune your trees when it's winter already since it interrupts their hibernation. You can use the leaves and twigs as fertilizer for your plants, if you have any.

    SCS Tree Service, Inc.