Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The chipper!

It seems ages since I've been here, but I think it's about a week.  Last time the back yard was full of branches, which I'm happy to report have now been converted to mulch to spread around the garden.  I managed to collect the chipper late on Friday.  The image in this post shows the chipper on its little trailer (which I have to admit did feel a tad top heavy on the bends) and some of the mulch we created with the device.  There's a lot of it, so I can imagine I'll be busy for a wee while yet spreading it around the yard!

Image left, as it happens, is an hdr shot processed in the klatest version of Photomatix Pro ... v4.  Quite different to v3 and I think I like it.

Other developments are around my new website.  I've been playing with Apple's iWeb with some help from number one son.  It's quite easy to use ... somewhat limiting in certain areas, but definitely quick to get a webpage going.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  I've also started to create profile pages for each of the musicians I've been photographing ... time consuming?  You bet!

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