Thursday, June 24, 2010


12mm lens on a Nikon cropped sensor gives an effective focal length of 18mm in "real money" 35mm speak.  That's quite wide!  I was curious as to whether it makes a big difference to my existing 18mm lens and whilst not huge, it's most welcome.  The clouds in the image in the post just wouldn't look the same without the coverage this wide angle lens gives me.

OK, so I've cheated a bit.  The shot is in fact a 5 shot HDR image, but it's not stitched.  If you think the green grass is a bit vivid, well, I'm not sure.  The ground was quite moist and the grass is pretty lush.  Don't believe me?  Come on over to NZ and check it out yourself :-)

I'll close this post with a couple more shots looking over towards Manukau City.  Each of these is again a 5 shot HDR image.  Don't forget to click on the image to get an enlarged view and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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