Monday, June 7, 2010

Osbourne Street Bar ... Again

Wow!  What a display of musical talent at the Osbourne Street Bar.  Starting at 4.30pm and playing for close on three hours Allegro and friends put on a show not to be missed.

The format works well.  There's the Allegro band that is supplemented for various numbers by musician friends from the audience.  Some of these people were outstanding.  One minute sitting down having a beer, the next, performing with style on the stage.  Great fun for those playing and judging by the dancers just as much fun for those in the audience.

Light levels were a tad low so the back beat boys on the bass guitar and drums (Semi Leo and Patrick Tanielu) are very difficult to photograph.  Besides some quite dim lights over the stage there were just two spots (green and orange) focussed centre stage.  This wasn't bad for the lead singer, but, sadly, most other folk were in shadow.

Mista Lakatani was there playing lead guitar in the spotlights, so he was reasonably easy to locate!  There was a lovely combination later on in the evening when a jazz guitarist (Lee?) borrowed Malcolm's guitar and Malcolm played Semi's bass.  This was sweet.  They played REALLY well together and this is something I'd like to hear again; not noise but lovely melodies and riffs from two talented musicians.  Very, very nice.  George Benson eat your heart out!

I'll close this post now and head off into the garden.  Heaps of chores to do out there whilst the weather is good.  Whilst I'm gone though you can take a squiz at some of the other performers.  As always, please leave a comment or email me if you like the images, have suggestions on how to improve them or would like copies.  More images are available on Facebook.

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  1. Awesome shots Chris. It felt very dark other than that spotlight focussed towards the centre of the stage. Did a great job of capturing that to share with the masses. Thanks again Chris. From top to bottom, Rico Tali (Ardijah), Malcolm Lakatani, award winning singer Leon Wharekura, award winning singer Taisha Tari, professional singer Leza, Lee, Grace, Semi, Pat, Edwin Westermeier (Kantuta, Batucada Sound Machine), Rico and Saylene. The night was sizzling with amazing talent on show.