Sunday, April 25, 2010


When I start to see the toadstools pushing their way through the soil under the silver birch trees I know that summer is over and autumn is definitely with us.  The first shot on this post is a single shot HDR image of a toadstool covered in some of the moss it's just pushed its way through.  For some obscure reason I wasn't expecting many toadstools as it's been so dry.  Nevertheless, we don't seem to have the same variety as we once had.  Here's some toadstool shots from previous years.

As you will imagine, as autumn heads towards winter the sun sits lower in the sky and we get the very pleasing warm glows.  Temperatures are starting to drop at night time so it's time to ensure we have enough wood for the fire and get the quilts and blankets out of the cupboards.

Second shot in this post shows the lichen on a silver birch tree in my front garden illuminated by the setting sun.  Nice warm tones I thought.

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