Monday, April 5, 2010

A day off work ;-)

Easter Monday and another day off work.  I must say that I rather relish these days off work and today started with the sunlight streaming through the liquid amber's leaves on my driveway.

It had rained a bit in the night and everything was looking washed and refreshed, bright and colourful.  I was especially taken with the image to the left with the layers of leaves and general "greenness".  Hard to believe this shot was taken from my front door looking across my driveway rather than in some forest don't you think?

After a bit of breakfast we headed for a walk through Totara Park.  The light in the bush was lovely with the sun's rays picking out ferns and cobwebs; it was especially pretty due to the washing the rain had provided through the night.

In the second shot you may be able to pick out the steam rising off the fern leaves and the sun's rays evaporate the night time rain.  There's a spider's handiwork on the left of the image glistening with moisture.  Both shots were taken with my 50mm lens and are unmodified.  They had the potential to become shots for my 505050 project, but in the end I selected one from Auckland Botanic Gardens.

I was quite taken with the light on the ferns and wondered about a new project to take images of ferns and palms in some of the native bush areas near my home.  What do you think?  Interesting idea perhaps?

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