Sunday, April 18, 2010

At the graveyard

Looking for a shot for my 50mm project I wandered around a very old local Anglican Church not far from my home.  The church itself is a lovely timber structure, but using a 50mm lens I really couldn't do it justice.  Perhaps when I have a wide angle lens available I'll take some more shots for this blog.

Frustrated with my lack of ability to get a worthwhile shot of the church itself I headed for the graveyard.  I'm always taken by the way significant effort goes into creating the grave and headstones and how quickly they seem to be forgotten.  The feeling of decay is enforced by the number of prickly weeds, rusting fences and cracked concrete and headstones.  The image on this post is a single shot HDR taken  across a grave surrounded by rotting metal railings and dying weeds.  Just the one flower remained, the rest have gone to seed and the plant is slowly withering away.  I was quite taken with the colours in the shot, yet remain intrigued by how quickly people's forebears are forgotten.

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