Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mangemangeroa walkway to Shelly Beach

I've been busy in the workshop today trying to get rid of some rubbish and generally tidy up the place.  Most members of the family have been using the workshop as a general dumping ground for "stuff" and we'd reached the stage where it was becoming increasingly difficult to even get into the room.

So, after wielding a broom and bin for a morning in the workshop it was time to leave the house and enjoy a bit of New Zealand's outdoors.  We decided to go on the Mangemangeroa walkway down to Shelly Beach.  It was a lovely warm day and I was really hoping I'd get some nice "picture postcard" shots.  Sadly the sky wasn't as clear blue as you might like for a postcard and things just looked a little flat really.

The first shot in this post is looking over Shelly Beach from the walkway up to Sandspit Road.  I've used a bit of HDR to enhance the mood in the clouds and get a bit more drama into the water and sandspit.

The second shot is from the same stairway up to Sandspit Road from Shelly Beach, but this time we're looking a little more to the north (or left of the last image).

Again, a little bit of HDR treatment on a single frame to get a bit more drama into the sky.  I was really quite taken by the reflections on the water that you can just abut make out on the upper right centre of the shot.  I didn't think much of the image compositionally when I zoomed in the reflections and I was also finding it hard to hold the camera still; I was huffing and puffing after climbing heaven knows how many steps!  Who knows, if I venture out a bit more I may get a bit fitter ;-)

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