Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday and clocks went back last night.  You'd think we'd feel like "a box of birds" this morning, but I don't think that extra hour in bed did me any good at all!

The first shot in this post is of a tiny fern clinging to life in a small crack in the wall outside my laundry.  I keep meaning to remove it before it removes more mortar and then causes a problem with the wall!  However, I've been quite taken with the composition of the fern, the bricks and the trees as a backdrop.  Until I get a reasonable photo I think it can stay!

The shot was going to be today's 505050 shot, but I decided on something else more topical for that. A wide aperture was selected to keep the trees out of focus, but I think I need more of the bricks in focus.  Any comments?

A wee tradition in our household is to hide and then hunt for Easter Eggs.  Even though the children are getting older and you'd think would have grown out of the event we still keep on doing it each year.  I suspect it's the chocolate more than anything else!

The second image in this post is of one of the garden gates.  You may have seen this gate before?  Today's effort was taken from a slightly different angle and has has a bit of work done to with Photomatix HDR software.  What do you think?  Was it worth the effort?

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Finally, and most important of all, may I wish you a very Happy Easter.

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