Monday, June 8, 2009

Time to spare?

Fun task this weekend was to act as bus driver for a few old ladies. The ladies were charming and we had a great time chatting to each other as we tried to work through the traffic. The ladies had so many interesting stories to tell of their lives that it was disappointing to finish the journey. It struck me that so often we rush to complete tasks of dubious value when personal relationships and friendships can be developed by just spending a few moments listening to each other. These old girls had so many things of interest to say, yet not many people willing to listen. I found this rather sad.

With this in mind I recalled my mother's favourite poem by W.H.Davis called Leisure. I'd visited a place called Puhunui Reserve, not far from Auckland's International Airport, and took the picture you see to the left. I thought the combination of the picture and the words was quite nice. Click on the picture to enlarge it - you'll then be able to see the words! What do you think? Makes you think about slowing down a little perhaps?


  1. Absolutely love this poem - and you did a great job with this.
    have book marked it to remind me to slow down sometimes and take a look around at what I see

  2. Thanks Lisa. The words make you think a little don't they?