Saturday, June 20, 2009

Out of condition!

Decided to have a trip to Atiu Creek Regional Park as it is supposed to have reasonable mountain bike tracks. It took about two hours drive to get there and the journey was fine. The view from the carpark was great and the site itself was very pleasant indeed. It was just that I was so out of condition that the slightest hill was hard work. Long damp grass was a strain also. Very disappointed with myself and keen to do more exercise so that next time I'll be able to have more fun. Legs with this jelly feeling and a serious lack of stamina :-(

Atiu was quiet when we were there and there are some lovely views out over the Oruawharo river. I've uploaded some images to flickr should you wish to have a look.

On the way back we were discussing how pleasant New Zealand is when you get out into the countryside. You hear people saying it's like paradise and I've often heard NZ referred to as Godzone, but this roadsign was quite a surprise! Click on the picture to enlarge and check out the name of the road.


  1. What are the trails like here? any single track or just grass and dirt roads? great photos

  2. A bit of all sorts really, but things could have changed since I was there back in 2009! Definitely dirt roads!