Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Silver Eyes

Bitterly cold morning again and the birds have been glad of the food we put out for them. The acrobatic birds in the garden are the Silver Eyes. Very quick and highly entertaining to watch. These birds have no difficulty hanging upside down to get inside the feeders. Only difficulty is capturing the birds with the camera. The frustrating thing is that there's always other tasks getting in the way and never enough time to concentrate on getting a nice picture. Invariably the photograph ends up as a quick snapshot.

Lovely colours this evening and we made the most of it with a walk around Auckland's Botanic Gardens. Noticed an interesting use of the town's old recycling bins as planters. The old green and blue bins have been decorated with exterior paints by children from local schools. Some of the planters were very good indeed.

Even though it's winter there's a surprising number of flowers. The display of Californian Poppies was quite special up near the visitor's centre. Have a look at my flickr page for some more poppy photos.

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