Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The White Lion ... and beyond!

The White Lion at Barthomley.
Great place for lunch, the White Lion at Barthomley.  Not your normal pub, this lovely old thatched public house dates back to 1614 and sits in the gorgeous little village of Barthomley.  Very picturesque and the food was wonderful.  Just to add to this "oldy worldy" look there was a delightful Morris Eight parked opposite.  Beautifully restored and a perfect vehicle for touring these quaint English villages.
Morris Eight at Barthomley.
The third shot in this post is a shot of the Morris as I imagined I might see in some Morris advertising brochure.  I was very impressed with the lovely honeycomb grill pattern.  Lovely detail in the old car.
The Morris Eight.  I love the honeycomb pattern to the grill.  White Lion in the background.
After a sumptuous lunch we headed off to Biddulph Grange.  These lovely gardens are quite special and are home to some lovely plants collected by one of Charles Darwin's contemporaries, James Bateman.  Talk of coincidences, James Bateman was born in Bury (perhaps you can recall an earlier post where I showed images of Robert Peel).  James Bateman was an expert and collector of orchids and his magnificent house still stands in its wonderful grounds today ... complete with tea-rooms and gift shop!
Biddulph Grange.

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