Sunday, April 22, 2012


A new blog!  Perhaps you can remember a couple of years ago I took 50 shots on 50 consecutive days with a 50mm lens?  The project was called 505050 and there was a blog created so folks could keep track of my progress, offer constructive criticism and encouragement.
Very shallow depth of field from the 85mm lens.
Just recently I was fortunate to become the owner of a rather nice 85mm lens.  I obtained the lens really for portrait work, but perhaps I can use it for other things too?  What better way to get to know the lens than to use it in anger for 85 days?  Please take a look at the new blog, let me know what you think of the shots and, as 85 days is a long time, perhaps offer a little encouragement as I take my shots.  It'd be lovely to see your comments on the blog.  Where is it?  Check out

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