Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Off to the Gardens with the 85mm

Auckland's Botanic Gardens have some lovely blooms on display right now and really are worth a visit if you're in the area.  I headed off there earlier today to get a shot for my 85@85 project.  I can't say as I'm finding it easy to think of shots I can get for the project and I have 83 days to go still!!

I started walking up from the Everglade end of the gardens and was really taken by the wonderful Hibiscus blooms on show.  There's quite a variety of colours and shapes to see.  I've just posted one shot of a very vivid bloom.  Gorgeous flower, but not one I wanted to use for my 85@85 project.

I suppose I was looking for something a little different.  Something more abstract and "arty".  I'm sorry to say this doesn't come naturally to me, but I was quite taken with the light on the Ligularia leaves you can see in the second shot.  Then the brick footpath into the herb garden caught my eye.  Lovely textures and patterns and the way the sunlight bit the brick was quite lovely.  Almost a monochrome effect as you can see in shot number 3.

I still needed a shot for my 85@85 project, but these weren't the ones.  Neither was the image of the autumn leaves, although I must admit I rather like this shot.  The leaves are pretty damaged, but the colours are quite special.  Curious which image I used and why?  Take a squiz here ;-)

Gorgeous Hibiscus Blooms.  Unbelievably vivid in colour.
Wonderful light on these Ligularia leaves.
The footpath.  For some obscure reason I quite liked the shapes!
Liquid Amber leaves again.  Autumn is upon us!

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