Monday, September 12, 2011

Tuis in the garden

Really felt pretty rough today, but the tuis feeding on the cherry blossom was a pleasant distraction from the headaches.  I was quite amazed with how many tuis came into the tree.  It was hard to count them all as they can be quite boisterous and leap around from branch to branch.  Anyway, my son managed the shots you see here.  All shot with a Nikon P500.  Quite impressive really.  The lens was at maximum zoom and aperture was wide open if memory serves me.  ISO was 160 and shutter speed was down around 1/125 or so.  I was quite impressed with the results.  Perhaps let me know what you think?
Anyway, the birds were between 20 and 30 metres away from where we were.  I was sitting on a chair, engrossed with the birds' activity whilst my son captured the images with camera mounted on a tripod.  A little further up the garden are some kowhai trees, so we may try to get some shots of the tuis in those trees  over the next few days.

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