Monday, September 19, 2011

A bit more fun ;-)

Hard not to have fun with this stunning piece of glass!

I headed off to Auckland's Botanic Gardens on Saturday morning, set the aperture to f1.4, ISO 200 and aperture priority mode on my D300.  First shot in this post is of a kowhai bloom.  Just look at the way the 85mm lens blurs the background.  Gorgeous!  Well, I think so anyway.  I thought the image was quite sharp considering the lens was wide open.

Second shot in this post was again an attempt to see how the lens blurs the background.  This shot has a couple of kowhai trees in the background in full bloom providing the yellow haze to the pink cherry blossom.  Again, main subject nice and sharp and a lovely smooth blurry background.  This lens really is a gem.

The third shot was taken at f5.6.  It was such a bright day that at ISO 200 and f1.4 1/8000sec wasn't fast enough!  This shot is lovely and crisp and only convinces me more that this is a quality piece of equipment.

Last shot was taken at f16, which is the smallest aperture the lens affords.  Nine aperture blades help with the lovely boken effects I've noticed in previous shots, but now, just look at those highlights and the star burst effects.  Dream lens?  I suspect you know what I think.

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