Saturday, September 24, 2011

Black Sand Diva

Arli Liberman on guitar, Jason Orme on drums
Very challenging lighting last night at the Toolroom.  All stage lights were floor mounted and significant areas of the stage were quite dark.  Quite a challenge for the autofocus on the Nikkor 35mm f1.4G and I must admit to resorting to manual focus on several occasions.

Shadows were pretty strong and I found it really quite difficult to get the lighting right.  I decided to expose for the musicians face, but this hasn't always worked.  Take a look at the second shot in this image and you'll perhaps see what I mean.  Jason looks quite "stark" in this shot and much of his surroundings are quite dark.  Frustrating?  I suppose it was a bit, but the music was great and Arli was, as usual, superb.
Jason Orme on the drums.

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