Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nikkor 85mm f1.4G

Meryl Cassie (ISO 1250, f1.4, 1/250)
I was right.  This really is a dream lens.  It's a light magnet!  It's quite sharp wide open and it's an absolute joy to use.  I went out to see Contagious last night at the Cock and Bull.  They have pretty good lighting, but I wanted a reasonable shutter speed so was choosing ISOs in the range 800 through to 1600.  Aperture, well, that remained fixed on f1.4!  Even wide open the lens remained sharp ... surprisingly so.  I'd taken a few shots in the garden earlier in the day ... you may remember these from the previous post, and to be honest I suppose I was kind of expecting a bit of softness to the images.  Well, the lens well exceeded my expectations.  This lens is fast, sharp, has wonderful bokeh and behaves well with colour and point light sources.  Dream lens?  Never has a truer word spoken.

Anyway, I've added a few shots here for you to look at.  Each shot has been reduced in size, but apart from having the watermark and converting to JPEG there's no changes made to the image.

I must admit to being quite fond of the shot of Brett Robertson (second shot in the post).  I've never really found it too easy to get a shot of Brett, but the blur this lens has achieved has really helped make him pop out from the background.

There's only a few images in this post so if you'd like to see more perhaps head off here to my Facebook Page.  You might "Like" what you see.
Brett Robertson (ISO 800, F1.4, 1/100)

Meryl Cassie in some pretty strong green light! (ISO 800, f1.4, 1/125)

Terrance Guillard (ISO 1600, f1.4, 1/200)

Carlos Cameron (ISO 1600, f1.4, 1/100) 

Carlos Cameron (ISO 1600, f1.4, 1/80)

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