Monday, November 1, 2010

VERY dark!!

Rakino's Bar in Auckland's CBD was the venue for Allegro's Sunday night performance.  Seriously challenging for photos!  There was hardly any light, and what there was was behind the musicians.  I'd noticed when shooting Contagious that ISO 2500 was giving quite nice low levels of noise and was hoping there'd be enough light to use the same ISO settings as on Friday.  Haha ... no such luck!

The shot in this post is of Malcolm Lakatani, the lead guitarist in the band.  Hugely talented and very photogenic, it's an absolute pleasure to photograph Malcolm ... when there's light!  The shot you see here was taken with a 50mm lens at ISO 6400, f2.2 and  1/25sec.  As I said ... very little light!  It's a tad noisy, but not too bad.  I was pleased with the sharpness of the image for such a slow shutter speed especially as my 50mm lens doesn't have VR.  What do you think?

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