Saturday, November 27, 2010

Miss Tasha Lee

A night of fashion at the Mangere Arts Centre courtesy of Miss Tasha Lee.  Great fun, but a huge challenge for me as the flash I was using was not performing as expected.  The unit seemed to have a mind of its own!  Getting anything worthwhile required camera and flash settings to be set very different indeed.  Quite bizarre.  I'd understood both devices to be compatible ... especially as both come from the same manufacturer, Nikon.

Never mind, I managed a few shots before the event started of the girls and what a gorgeous collection of beauties we had to model Tasha's creations.  You can see some of the girls in the first image ... Miss Tasha Lee is in the second shot in this post.

Tasha's creations were stunning, colours vibrant and really accentuated the beauty of the girls.  As I said, a great event.  More photos are available here on Facebook ... let me know what you think.

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