Thursday, November 11, 2010


Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge.  Great places to visit today in 2010, but back in the 1800s this was quite a different place.  Often referred to as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, Ironbridge was a hive of the iron smelting and casting industries.  In fact, the wonderful bridge you see in the first shot in this image is the famous ironbridge, opened to "traffic" in 1791 from which the town takes its name.  It's free to cross the bridge today, but it started life as a toll bridge.

It's a lovely area to explore with loads of history and very beautiful scenery.  Sadly, on the day we were there it was cloudy and a bit showery.  So disappointing.  Never mind.  Hopefully the images might encourage you to visit, and, if you do, you might enjoy better weather than we did.

The second image in this post was taken from the iron bridge, looking up the River Severn with part of Ironbridge's town buildings and main street.  The main part of the town is more to the right of the image, and accessible from the bridge.

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