Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Contagious!

I've been away from the bands for quite some time as a result of tripping off to Canada and the UK.  Last night, however, I managed to get down to Ellerslie's Cock 'n Bull to see Contagious.  They were superb ... as usual.

There were a few issues with the lights, but I reckon I managed some of the best shots of the band last night.  ISO was set at 2500, shutter at 1/80 and aperture at f2.8.  I tried a wide angle lens, but with f4 I either had too much noise or too slow a shutter speed.  Back to the nifty fifty and f2.8!

I've just put three shots onto this post.  The first image is of Carlos Cameron, the band's lead guitarist.  Previous times I've seen the band Carlos has been somewhat in the dark.  This time, however, he was quite well illuminated and I managed a few pleasing shots of him.  Take a squiz on Facebook for a few more :-)

Second shot is of the bass player, Terrence Guillard.  Not as many lights on Terrence this time, but still enough to use a reasonable shutter speed and get some good shots.

Third shot is of Birgette Marie.  Birgette is the main vocalist in the band and the shot you see here was a bit of a fluke.  The lights were playing odd games and went off when I took the shot just leaving a red spot onto Birgette which gave a sillouette type effect to the image.  I quite like it.  what do you think?

So there you go.  I had a great time.  Seemed ages since I'd taken shots of the band ... seemed more familiar with landscape shots from overseas than subdued lighting and live music!  Can't wait for the next gig now :-)

Don't forget that there's a few more shots on Facebook and you can check out Contagious's website to see when and where they'll be playing next.  If you get the chance you really should go and see them.

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