Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sick ... and sick of it too!

It must have been Wednesday that I gave up trying to convince myself that I was OK.  Doctor's visit confirmed Bronchitis as the cause of the problem.  After cleaning out the pharmacy of pills and potions I;ve been languishing at home feeling sore and sorry for myself.  I've not used the camera for days ... until today.  I had really been looking forward to the week that's just gone as there were a few music gigs I'd wanted to visit.  No such luck :-(

So, today I felt a bit better.  Chest not quite so tight and a chance to take some shots ... but what a day!  Don't let the first shot in this post fool you.  When I got my camera out of its bag, the second shot in the post was the view from the dining room window.  Rain was pouring down and there was even thunder!  Not much chance of a nice shot here I thought, but then the sun came out ... as it does in GodZone :-)
Shot #1 in the post is a seven shot HDR image through my dining room window, so there may be a few reflections ... sorry :-(  But what a difference a few minutes can make to the view!

Sure that the rain had abated I headed outdoors to see at what else it may be worth pointing my camera.  I'll finish this post with a few other shots from this afternoon.  Let me know what you think.

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