Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mangere Love!

As part of New Zealand's music month, with sponsorship from NiuFM Radio, a group of talented musicians got together in the centre of Mangere to share some love ... and play some music.  The event started at about 9am and the atmosphere just got better and better.  There's some seriously talented musicians in South Auckland I have to say!

Of of the first performers had apparently just come to town to do some shopping, but ended up on the stage.  Wow!  Reggie music with serious emotion and attitude.  What a gent!  Not sure of the guy's name, so if you know who it is that appears in the second image in this post please leave a comment with details.  Truely, if you like reggie music then this guy is one performer you really have to see.

Lighting was a little awkward, unless you were quite close to the subject.  Serious backlighting from a bright sky and light colour buildings.  Then most of the artists wore black.  I've been plagued with movement so have been trying to keep the shutter speed as high as possible.  I also moved away from my trusty 50mm lens today and used an 18-200mm zoom.
Nowhere near as sharp as the 50mm lens and quite slow at f3.5, but what a range of focal lengths!  Most of the shots were taken at the extremes of the zoom range rather than anywhere in the middle.

I suppose one of the main attractions at the event was Anonymouz with his band the Hypnotics.  Proud to be associated with Mangere, Anonymouz is a wonderful ambassador for music in the area.  The band just gels and produced a sound loved by the audience.  Great job.  
I suppose, to be fair, not of this would have happened without the significant efforts of RAN Events.  Rita, Angeline and Noma must have worked like Trojans to get the event organised.  Well worth it though!
I'll close this post with a few more images of the musicians.  If you want to see more images, get copies, or invite me to your event, just drop me an email.  Oh, I'm starting to add a few more shots to flickr too, so keep taking a peek there if you're interested.


  1. Chris,

    Your music photography has improved over 1000% since that first shot I saw - Well done!!

  2. Cool shots - love the atmosphere. Lighting did seem to be a bit of a pain - does changing levels post-shoot make a difference?

  3. I've yet to play with the shots. All these are straight from the camera except from a conversion to JPEG from RAW so there is room for enhancement.