Thursday, February 25, 2010


I managed a trip into Auckland yesterday and then a visit to Skytower.  Skytower is the tallest building i n Auckland and provides impressive views around the city.
The picture above looks over the Town Hall and you can pick out Mount Eden and One Tree Hill.  Arriving as evening approaches is the best time to visit as there's a chance of a sunset and then the various city buildings switch on their lights to give a great light show.  The two images in this post were taken just as the sun was starting to set.

Both images are taken through glass, and you may notice a few reflections, nevertheless, you get the idea of the views you can get from atop Skytower.
Five images at one stop intervals from a camera mounted on a tripod with the images processed in Photomatix Pro.  As a result, you may notice some of the boats in the harbour appear more as blurs than boats!

If you'd like to see a few more images, take a look here or here on my flickr page.

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